Jewish Business School FAQ's

Jewish Business School

* For Jewish Teens in Grades 10-12

* The foundations behind generations of Jewish business success

* Developed by CTeen U - a joint initiative of Yeshiva University and the Chabad Teen Network .

* Earn college credits in high school



What is this course about?

This course is all about discovering the Jewish perspective on all things money. Explore the world of business from the perspective of a Jewish mindset and Torah laws and traditions.

What is the course length?

The course runs for 1hr 20 minutes per week for 14 weeks, earning 2 college credits

Which topics does the course cover?

The Jewish Business School course covers topics such as:

The Kabbalah of making money: Why work for a living? | Is one’s self worth defined by one’s net worth? | Is Judaism socialist or capitalist? | Is unionization a Jewish ideal? | Torah economic ethics | Jewish business mindsets | The myth of the self-made man | Integrity and honesty | Philanthropy: charity & maaser

Will there be homework or preparation?

There are no required homeworks or readings outside of this course, but there will be a midterm exam and a final exam.


Check out the course overview here! Hint: It's epic!



Will all schools accept these credits?

These credits are the highest caliber of college credits that can be obtained. Yeshiva University credits have been accepted by many different colleges throughout the country, including highly selective schools, liberal arts colleges, public flagships, specialized programs, and many more, such as: NYU, Harvard University, Yale University, etc (see here for a list of 70+ colleges that have accepted these credits)

What subject will these credits count toward?

These credits will transfer as “elective credits”. All students are required to complete a certain number of elective credits by the time they graduate college. If a teen majors in a Jewish subject, these credits would be course-specific credits rather than elective credits.

How are grades determined?

Grades will be determined as follows:

Attendance: 30%

Midterm: 35%

Final: 35%

A final grade of D is the minimum required to receive credit for this course.



How much are tuition costs?

Cost is $1,069. Limited Scholarships are available. Registration closes on October 19. 

Are there any scholarships?

Yes, limited scholarships are available for those who need it. Please email Rabbi Shlomo at with any scholarship requests.

What is the admission process?

Applicants must first fill out the application form through the CTEEN U Portal. Those accepted will receive direct correspondence from Yeshiva University with instructions regarding how to apply to be a non-matriculated student of the university. Once completed you will receive your Yeshiva University ID# and information related to the course.