Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Volunteer Project


We’re excited to present the Friendship Circle UES Bar/Bat Mitzvah Project! A wonderful opportunity for 11 & 12 year old boys and girls to celebrate their coming of age milestone by engaging with kids who have special needs. The project includes a wholesome blend of volunteering and fundraising.


The mitzvah volunteer group will coordinate and then volunteer at an exciting carnival for children with special needs! There will be 3 meetings where the group will map out a plan to give the special children at Friendship Circle a day to remember. Each session will be 1 hour on selected weeknights of the groups choosing. Family members are invited to volunteer on the day of the carnival. See carnival dates below.

If a member of the mitzvah volunteer project would like to continue volunteering after the project ends, they can happily do so at Friendship Circle holiday programs and at the seasonal Friendship Circle camps. 


The chance to sponsor a special child in our community! Invite family and friends to participate in your volunteering efforts by making a donation to Friendship Circle on your custom-made fundraising page, giving kids, teens and young adults with disabilities much needed social and recreational opportunities.


Two Sessions during the school year:

November - January

February - April